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Description: There is no doubt that Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool (we also use it for specific internal purposes). It’s easy to enter formulas and customize rows and columns as needed. However, if you are dealing with complex formulas such as GST calculations, you will be in a terrible state. Furthermore, errors are inevitable because most of the work is manual. Therefore, if a company only relies on spreadsheet software to help make business decisions, it is meaningless. Many companies also use different software for each module, such as Tally, Oracle Financials, SAP FICO for finance/accounting, SalesForce, Zoho for CRM, etc. This may be beneficial in the first few years of the company, but it may encounter challenges during the growth phase, especially if you have to update every software for every version. However, if you have a single software for all modules or the main software with additional components, not only will all your data be concentrated under one roof, but only one software update is required. It is like a one-stop solution to meet your real estate or construction business needs.

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