Handle Your Laboratory Operations Easily with Aarogya Pathology Software

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Description: The pathology software is a user-friendly system that can be used in the laboratory for patient data management and online laboratory reporting. Laboratories use it to maintain laboratory records of patients and improve efficiency. It is an intelligent software that allows pathologists to manage the laboratory efficiently. This reduces the paperwork and manual entry of making patient appointments and managing laboratory records. The purpose of developing pathology software is to bring convenience to pathologists and ease their burdensome work. It is an efficient and fast reporting system that can safely manage all laboratory-related activities. Dataman has developed the software – Aarogya, taking into account the laboratory’s professional requirements for digital and automated laboratory control. Aarogya involves a set of functions built into the software that allows you to get rid of manual entries and paperwork. This lab software implements online appointment management, summary reports, billing, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, increase profits and more. The diagnostic laboratory management software is fully integrated, which connects all your laboratory equipment with machine integration

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